Whether it is a Press Conference or 50th birthday party, Produce It Now understands that everything must be perfect.  Produce It Now prides itself on the fact that we own or use nothing but high end equipment.   Nothing is dirty, tattered, torn or wrinkled unless it designed that way.  We also pride ourselves on the fact that we leave the jobsite as pristine as we found it.  So many times this important aspect is overlooked, and take great efforts to ensure our clients that their property is safe in our hands.


Ribbon cutting ceremonies can sometimes be held in obscure and unpredictable environments, and Produce It Now is well accustomed to such conditions. These ceremonies also have a tendency towards needing outside-the-box ideas or solutions in order to make the event unique to its guests. Produce It Now has designed, produced, and executed everything from the simple to the elaborate; from scissors and ribbon to multi-sided Kabuki Drop Reveals.


GroundbreakingsMany groundbreaking ceremonies take place in areas that are not safe, such as over-grown fields, mud-pits, uneven terrain, high traffic and crime areas, and construction sites.  Produce It Now has the resources to deal with all these harsh environments, providing such basic on-site services such as clean-up, security, and barricading in order to bring safety to the event area.  Once the site is safe to work in, we can then move on to tenting, staging, walkways, lighting, sound, signage, and sandboxes for the ceremony. 



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