Produce It Now has pre-designed approximately 50 stagesets which are available to the public FOR RENT. The sets are priced affordably as an alternative to costly, designed, newly custom built sets. These sets are based on thirty (30) pre-made set pieces and multiple colors of draperies, and they are semi-customizable within the rental structure pricing. We make it simple: you choose a stageset number, your venue contact, and your hi-resolution logo, and we will send you the proposal/contract. We will do the homework on the venue and associated costs while you focus on the more important aspects of your event.

Produce it Now can also be a one-stop-shop for everything if needed, and we can often provide other items for your event such as a/v coordination, lighting and sound systems, stages, signs, and general décor items such as props, tables, chairs, and linens. Some for the items are pre-priced and present in a-la-carte format in the “Additional Items” area of the website.

For more information about stageset rentals, call Carey Hargrove, 443-964-4212 or email

  • *Manufacturer’s suggested rental price includes the backdrop drape ranging from (dependent on design) 10’ to 24’ wide and up to 12’ tall, scenic/set pieces, signage, labor, and trucking.
  • Price does not include lighting, stage, steps, or lectern. All of these items are extra and listed in “Additional Items” in a la carte format on
  • Renderings of stagesets are based on a full lighting package being implemented.
  • Prices are based on the event being held within a 20 mile radius of Washington DC.
  • Prices based on a minimum of 4 hours for load in/installation, and 4 hours for dismantle/load out.
  • Prices subject to easy load in and load outand may vary depending on the condition of the site.
  • Prices are also subject to truck having ability to park on-site. If on-site parking is not available, additional charges will apply.
  • Prices are also based on a signed contract/agreement within 14 days of show installation.

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