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We understand that you have a lot on your plate, and if it were a perfect world, you should have started this whole process weeks or months ago. Produce It Now turns your ideas into special events, quickly. We understand the NOW!

Upon initial contact, we will interview you about your event and pick your brain about what you are trying to accomplish. Sometimes you may not even be sure what your exact needs are, and that is where we are very helpful. We help develop an outline of potential needs for your special occasion. We will work with you, your venue, and your other vendors in a team approach to assure a successful and flawless event. From there, if needed, we will come to you and walk through your event, preferably at the location of your event, and further develop your ideas. We will do a thorough walk through of your venue, identify how to load equipment in and out effectively, and also review the rules and regulations of the venue. Once your needs are identified we will construct a proposal/contract, in a la carte format, so you can easily identify costs associated with needs, in order to make informed decisions for your event. Also, if needed, we will develop detailed to-scale floor-plans and three-dimensional designs to give you a precise idea of what your event will look like.

Whether you are planning a Fashion Show, VIP Event, Press Conference, Groundbreaking, Party, TV Studio, we can help. Call us today at 443-964-4212.

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